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Roy Henderson

Roy Henderson

Roy Henderson is a Certificated LPA (Laser Protection Adviser) and has an international reputation as a leading specialist in laser safety. He established Bioptica in 1990 to offer safety training and consultancy services to both users and manufacturers of laser equipment.

As a physicist, Roy has followed a career in the application of optics and laser technology in both the medical and industrial sectors. He was involved in some of the earliest applications of medical lasers in the UK and has undertaken innovative work in laser technology. Currently Chairman of the European CENELEC committee for laser safety (CLC/TC76) and Project Leader of ISO/TC94/SC6 for laser eye protection, he has been actively involved in international standards for laser safety since 1997.

Roy has written two books on laser safety (one as co-author) and regularly serves on the Advisory Board for the International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC). In addition to providing laser safety support throughout the UK and Ireland (including the training of other LPAs), he has also given laser safety courses in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Mike Regan

Mike Regan

Mike Regan is a Certificated Laser Protection Adviser working in the aesthetics sector. This involves carrying out practical laser / IPL risk assessments and providing Local Rules for aesthetic clinics and salons, and presenting Core of Knowledge training in accordance with the Department of Health MHRA DB2008(03) Syllabus. Mike also provides safety consultancy to laser and IPL manufacturers.

He holds the position of Chair to the Association of Laser Safety Professionals, and has been actively involved in the national and international laser safety standards sector since 2001.

Mike is also Chair to the BSI Committee CH403 “Aesthetic Surgery Services”. The CH403 committee, and its parent European organisation CEN TC403, have the truly vast aim of producing a new pan European Standard seeking to improve the safety and quality of aesthetic healthcare services across all CEN Member States.

In addition Mike serves as an Adviser to the Consulting Room and is also on the Save Face Advisory Board.

Mike has in depth technical knowledge and experience of laser and IPL safety as it applies to the medical / cosmetic sector. In addition he has a firm grasp of the principles of a wide range of other laser safety applications as well, enabling him to take a wide perspective when presented with problems and issues as they arise.

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