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Laser Aesthetics Application

Why choose us?

Our Laser Protection Advisers (LPAs) are:

  • Qualified and accredited to Department of Health and HSE requirements
  • Experienced with many years' involvement in lasers and IPLs
  • Active nationally and internationally in the development of safety standards

If you work with lasers or intense pulsed light (IPL) equipment, whether as a clinician or as a manufacturer, Laser Safety Advisory (LSA) can help you to understand laser / IPL safety issues and to comply with the relevant laser and intense light safety requirements.

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For expert advice, consultancy support, LPA support and high-quality training in laser / IPL safety:

We provide high-quality Core of Knowledge laser / IPL safety training courses as required by Department of Health MHRA Guidelines.

  • Our Course
    is approved
    the BMLA

We provide Laser Protection Adviser (LPA) support, carrying out risk assessments and laser / IPL safety audits of facilities in order to determine the necessary protective measures and safety procedures.

We can put you in touch with an experienced Expert Medical Practitioner (EMP).

A wide range of laser / IPL safety products (including protective eyewear, blinds, entry control systems, fume evacuation systems etc) is available from our partner company Rockwell Laser Industries.

LSA also provides product compliance support to laser and IPL manufacturers, to deal with classification issues and to meet relevant European, US and international laser and IPL safety requirements.

Note: Bioptica Laser Aesthetics has been renamed Laser Safety Advisory ( to reflect more accurately the range of services we offer and to differentiate us from Bioptica Laser Safety (, an associated but separate company