Bioptica Laser Aesthetics
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Paula Dene writes: I have worked with Mike on a number of occasions with several laser companies and have found him to be a professional, dedicated and trustworthy colleague. My customers have reported that his work is first class and his patient and cooperative manner can make a highly technical subject more interesting and easy to understand. I look forward to working again with Mike in the future.

Deborah Mechaneck writes: When Mike was a Laser Protection Advisor with Lucid, I engaged Mike to give several regulatory talks at Cutera events, and he was also LPA to several of our clients.
Mike always gave thorough presentations and was very knowledgeable on his subject. He gave value for money service to many of our clients.

Lorna Jackson, Editor of, writes: I have always been able to count on Mike to keep me and other aesthetic industry participants informed about the latest developments in relation to the BSI/CEN standard for our sector. He is always willing to discuss and explain the processes involved, to ensure maximum understanding and dissemination of the facts. No question is too big or too small, he'll listen to and address them all. It's been a pleasure to be a part of sharing this process with the industry, something which does take a few years to iron out, and Mike has been fantastic at making sure that myself and all the members of The Consulting Room don't miss a single trick as we have travelled along this road, to what hopefully will be a great conclusion in 2014.

Stan Batchelor writes: Mike is a conscientious, extremely thorough and precise laser scientist who has made a major contribution to evolving new laser /IPL standards whilst sitting on the IHAS working party which has tried to fill the void created when the cosmetic sector fell out of regulation with the CQC.

Dr Joney De Souza writes: Mike Regan has wide knowledge in laser and light treatments, being very approachable and effective in transmitting his experience. His Core of Knowledge training is very comprehensive and provides more than enough to make you feel confident and well informed, in addition to being able to count on Mike for any future advice.

Bill Davies writes: As a UK delegate to TC76 I have worked with Mike on standards relating to Optical Safety in the field of Medical Lasers and Broad Band Light sources. Mike has taken the initiative in several aspects of our work load and is a proactive and informed colleague. It has been a pleasure to support his initiatives in the difficult arena that is optical safety and a wide range of clinical practice. The recent initiative regarding aesthetic applications will support a range of ongoing applications where optical safety may be of paramount importance to both operators and clients.

Phil Griffin, as VP Photonics of Marconi, managed Mike Regan indirectly and of the period 2002 to 2003 writes: Mike Regan demonstrated tremendous tenacity and attention to detail whilst providing optical consultancy services to Marconi’s global R&D Organisation responsible for delivering highly competitive optical line systems, metro products, a highly advanced ‘ring based’ product and an ultra long haul product which secured sales in excess of £150m with leading operators around the world. As senior optical safety consultant Mike was responsible for ensuring the products met the complex international standards (IEC 60825-1 and -5) whilst these were subject to major changes. Mike’s understanding of the complex photonics and mathematical issues and our customer’s requirements along with his knowledge, skills and attention to detail enabled Mike to thoroughly analyse the issues and complete the appropriate ‘sign off’.

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