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Laser Aesthetics Application


Laser Safety Awareness Course (half-day)

This course explains what lasers are and identifies the essential issues of laser safety. We do this by describing the hazards that different lasers can present. We then discussing the ways in which suitable hazard controls and safety procedures should be implemented to ensure safe use.

Laser Safety Insight Course (1 day)

This course is suitable for those who need a more detailed understanding of laser safety. Delegates are typically Laser Safety Officers, engineers and researchers. The course goes into more detail on the nature of laser hazards, the meaning of the laser classes, the requirements of the safety standards, the process of risk assessment, and the methods of hazard control.

Laser Safety Advanced Course (2 days)

This course is suitable for those who undertake quantitative assessments of laser hazards, whether for the purpose of laser classification or in order to specify protection requirements in the workplace. Delegates typically include Laser Safety Officers, Laser Protection Advisors and product design engineers. The course trains delegates in the interpretation and application of the emission and exposure limits specified in the laser safety standards, which can often be complex.

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